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Welcome, Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is excited to learn the ins and outs of marketing and home automation after spending the previous decade working in print journalism. After growing up in Colorado and graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall of 2009, Rob moved to Florida to start his journalism career, first in St. Petersburg and then in Gainesville. He moved to Austin, Texas, in 2015 and has been there ever since, though he wouldn’t call himself as a Texan just yet.

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Welcome, Troy Sympson

Ohio born and raised (currently residing in Cleveland), Troy Sympson is an alumnus of The Ohio State University and a passionate digital marketer. With a strong background in both journalism and marketing, Troy is highly experienced in writing, editing, social media, email marketing and SEO. He has been a social media professional since the inception of social media, and has helped several companies and corporations build their digital marketing efforts from the ground up.

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Welcome, Liz Palisin

Liz Palisin is one of the newest additions to the OneFireFly family. Originally hailing from ‘the frozen North’ i.e. Northern Michigan, Liz up and moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University. After a junior year abroad in Barcelona, countless rides to the Loop on the L train, and three freezing winters, Liz received a B.A. in Media Studies as well as a not-so-useful minor in Anthropology. Shortly after she moved to San Diego to soak up some much-needed sun.

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Welcome, Oliver Sava

Oliver Sava has spent the last five years surrounded by media, working as a pop culture journalist and critic covering comic books, dance, film, television, and theater for local and national outlets. Raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Oliver graduated from Loyola University in 2009 with degrees in English and Political Science, and has been writing professionally ever since. He’s contributed to Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, The L.A. Times, NPR Books, Rolling Stone, Time Out Chicago, The Verge, VICE, Vox.com, and Vulture, and his writing can regularly be found at The A.V. Club, where he won a 2017 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Journalism after being previously nominated in 2012.

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Can Online Reviews Make a Difference in Your Small Business?

Traditionally, word-of-mouth referrals may have been the primary source of attracting new clients to your small business. But it should come as no surprise that consumers are also looking to social media such as Facebook and Google reviews to find out what your existing customers are saying.

How accurate is this information?

According to Inc. Magazine, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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Important “End of Service” Notice for One Firefly's Basic Hosting Service

Important “End of Life” Notice for One Firefly's Basic Hosting Service


Effective December 31st, that we are ending support for our legacy Basic Hosting service.  If you are receiving this email, it means you are on our Basic Hosting service plan and your attention is required.  If you are not the person who handles your organization's website matters, please forward this message to the appropriate person(s).  

With the ever evolving and progressing changes in technology, sometimes “technical” services can become outdated, and ultimately underserve its users.  In short, out with the old, in with the new.

In case you missed it, earlier this year (on February 9th) we unveiled a unique and specialized professional web hosting service for Technology Integrators, One Firefly Pro Hosting.  To learn more about this great service, visit the link below…

One Firefly Pro Hosting Service:

Our new hosting solution is finely tailored to ensure you get the best reliability, performance, and security from your One Firefly created website.  This effort was done to better serve our clients who host with us, by providing best-in-class solutions for their online needs (including frequent local and remote backups, uptime monitoring, CMS and extension updates, firewall and security updates, website hardening, and more…)


Why did we improve our hosting service with Pro Hosting?

Your website is run on a powerful CMS platform.  Regular updates and security patches are routinely released to ensure website owners can keep their online presence protected.  Like most of the major hosting companies, we have recognized the need for greater pro-active web security and maintenance services for CMS websites, and have developed solutions that will meet the demand these websites require.  

In keeping up with the demands pace of technology, we decided to expire the now legacy basic hosting services in favor of our Pro Hosting solutions, in efforts to better serve our clients, and ensure their most important online asset is well protected.  For this reason, we will no longer support the legacy basic hosting service as of December 31st.  We will continue to host your website under the basic plan for the time being, but you will need to migrate your services to our Pro Hosting solution to better protect your site.  

Good news - we can get this done for you quite seamlessly; we just need your official permission to proceed, and for you to call our office.

Call Our Office: (954) 921-2393


Of course you always have options, so we have outlined them for you below.  Please read and consider carefully…

OPTION 1:  One Firefly Professional Hosting Services  (Recommended)

Choose this option to migrate your services to our new Pro Hosting solution.  The Pro Package will include 20GB of Storage on a SSD drive, 16GB Ram, On-Server, Off-Server & Remote Backups, CMS Updates and Uptime Monitoring.

Additionally, should your site require any restoration or cleaning, this service will be provided at no charge to clients on the 'Pro Package.'

Features Summary:

- On-Server (Local) Backups
- Off-Server Backups
- Remote Backup
*Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups

Maintenance and Security:
- Firewall and hardening of website
- CMS Updates
- Core Extension Updates

Uptime Monitoring
- Real-time monitoring of your website’s performance, health and uptime

First-class Support…
….from a team you already know, and who knows you.

Cost:  $60/mo (or $600/annual)

To learn more about One Firefly Professional Hosting head over to our website by clicking the link below...

OneFirefly Pro Hosting:

OPTION 2:  Third Party Hosting

Choose this option if you decide to host your website elsewhere, and not migrate your services to Pro Hosting with One Firefly.

*** CAUTION ***
Maintenance, CMS Updates/CMS Security, and Backup Redundancy is not provided by One Firefly with this option (as it is in Option 1 above), and is generally not provided with most standard hosting plans.  You will need to consult with your third party host to determine if they can provide any of these services, and at what additional cost.  Consider carefully before going with this option.

Option 3 - Do Nothing

If you decide to do nothing, you should understand that an outdated CMS installation poses significant security risks to your website.  As it stands, your website is vulnerable to attackers looking to exploit outdated CMS installations.  Your immediate attention is strongly recommended. If you decide to do nothing, and later require assistance to get your site healthy due to an attack, One Firefly will be happy to assist. However cleaning and restoring a website to health is a lengthy process, and as such the appropriate fees for such service will apply.  Please consider being proactive and protecting your site now by signing up for the appropriate hosting plan that will provide the ultimate peace of mind.


Curious to know how often your site should be backed up?  Have questions about hosting in general? Check out our blog on the subject here:  http://www.onefirefly.com/blog-link/web/everything-you-should-look-for-in-a-website-hosting-provider


We look forward to continually to providing you with best-in-class services.

Let's speak soon.

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