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3 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Valuable for Integrators

The Cost-Effective Way to Grow Your Business

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably considering different marketing techniques to help grow your business and boost customer acquisition. There are tons of marketing strategies out there that can be very effective—PPC, search engine optimization, retargeting/display ads, and traditional print advertisement, to name a few. However, no marketing strategy can compete against the power of content marketing.

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5 Signs You Should Invest in a Copywriter

Find out if copywriting services are right for your technology integration business.

Copywriting services can enhance many areas of a technology integrator’s business, boosting both new leads and customer retention. But how do you know if investing in a copywriter is the right decision for your company? There’s no black and white answer, but there are some ways to tell whether or not your business will benefit from copywriting services.

First, let’s talk about what I mean by copywriting services. Many integrators don’t realize the full extent of copywriting can entail, especially when combined with content marketing services: social media management, website content, SEO, blog posts, newsletters, printed content, video scripts, and more. If you need content, a copywriter can provide it for you.
So now that we’re on the same page as to what copywriting consists of, let’s look at the signs that it’s time to invest in a copywriter:

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SEO and Content Marketing: How Do They Fit Together?

When people think about search engine optimization, content marketing isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind. Many people try to focus entirely on SEO or entirely on content marketing without recognizing that the two marketing strategies go hand in hand.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to make the most of both content marketing and search engine optimization, as well as discuss how these marketing strategies affect your business as a technology integrator. First, let’s start with some basic definitions:

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Why We Love Newsletters

How Digital Newsletters Connect You with Customers

At One Firefly, we use a three-tiered approach in our content marketing campaigns, which includes blogging, Facebook advertising, and newsletters. You may wonder why newsletters are a part of our services, and if they really are worth your time. In this article we’ll cover exactly why we love newsletters and believe they are a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

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4 Major Misconceptions About Blogging for Business

Blogs are useless, right? Wrong. In fact, regular blogging leads to 55 percent more website clicks, says Hubspot. What does that mean? In a digital world, your online presence is as important as a physical storefront, and if potential customers aren’t looking at your website, you won’t be making many sales. A blog is one of the best ways to rank high on search engines, and to get found by the people who can use your product or service. But the online community is also full of misconceptions about how blogs work. After the jump, we’ll address four of the biggest offenders.

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4 Powerful Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business

It’s no secret that high-profile customers are more likely to trust a brand and make a purchase when given a demonstration. Videos are often the best way to showcase the subtleties of a great product. Without effective video marketing, your business may be missing out on crucial traffic, leads, and customers in your market.

Here are 4 types of video content you can use to supplement your marketing efforts and grow your business:

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Can Content Marketing Be a More Powerful Tool than PPC Ads?

Reaching a Quality Audience through Custom Content Creation

When it comes to the ongoing debate between content marketing and pay per click (PPC) marketing, there may never be a final answer to which is the better strategy. And when it comes to business, the last thing you want is ambiguity. But while there may be no ‘correct’ answer, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the right option depending on your company’s goals and budget. To help reduce that dreaded ambiguity, we’ll discuss some of the ways content marketing, like the one offered in our CM 2.0 services, can be more beneficial than its PPC counterpart.

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Should I Host My Email And Website Together?

A common question our clients face is, “should I host my email and website together?” My answer is always an emphatic “no.”  Having your email and website hosted on the same server may appear convenient, but creates a significant risk, not to mention significant hassle should you decide to change your web hosting provider.  At any given time, servers are under constant threat, and having one go down that's hosting your email and website together can disrupt both your online presence and your communications.

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Understand Your Audience: 4 Tips to Retain More Newsletter Subscribers

Understanding when and why your newsletter subscribers click ‘opt-out’ can leave you riddled with questions. Some subscribers leave simply because their interests have changed.  Others leave because of improper use of their email address or because they receive an influx of messaging with little relevant content.  Here are four tips on how you can effectively build your newsletter list and craft content that keeps subscribers engaged- and coming back for more:

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Two Essential Ways to Push Fresh Content to Your Customers

How to Ensure Your Clients are Viewing Your Content

Having an engaging online presence, complete with a mobile-friendly website and custom crafted blogs, is one of the most effective ways for technology integrators to build credibility with referrals and potential clients; but how can you ensure that content gets read? It’s not enough to merely assume that your audience is visiting your website and social media pages every day. Technology integrators need to be proactive and push that content out to give it the best possible chance of being seen. Here are two essential ways to help ensure your content gets seen by clients, partners, and referrals:

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How to Craft Content That Will Keep Your Clients Clicking

A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Blog

A blog is one of the most useful tools in generating regular, organic traffic to your website. The idea is simple: write something that your potential clients will be interested in, and they’ll continue to come back to your site for more info. The more eyes on your site, and the more frequently those eyes see something valuable, the more likely they are to convert into a paying customer. But when it comes to crafting content that will really resonate with prospective clientele, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get the most out of your blog. Find out more after the jump.

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What Are The Digital Steps In Your Customer’s Journey?

When your best friend says, “Trust me, you’ll love this resort!” or a family member exclaims, “Believe me, this restaurant is fantastic!” do you simply take their word for it and make a reservation based solely on the recommendation from someone you trust? Or, instead, do you make a quick Google search and check out the hotel or restaurant’s website, browse some photos, and perhaps read some reviews? The ease of checking up on a business online means that referrals will inevitably end up visiting your website. These digital steps have become part of the journey for technology integration customers. Here are 3 tips to build credibility with these customers:

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Inbound Marketing For Technology Integrators Explained

Inbound marketing is the process of helping potential customers find your company – often before they are even looking to make a purchase – and then turning that early awareness into brand preference and, ultimately, into leads and revenue.*

To put that into perspective for the home technology and commercial integrated systems industries, let’s take a look at an example:

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How Manned Live Chat Can Help Your Business Generate More Leads

Learn How to Turn Prospects Into Leads with Manned Live Chat

Traditionally, when a client is interested in your service or product they pick up the phone and give your business a call. However, some clients quickly hang up if they are placed on hold, hear the voicemail greeting, or the business is closed. What happens to those prospects? In some instances, the individual can turn to your competitor and purchase a similar option. Fortunately, these situations can be significantly reduced with manned live chat on your website.

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Prioritize Your Customer Service with Lead Concierge Live Chat

Creating a top-of-the-line customer base should be the foundation of any business. Responding to all of your client’s questions and concerns can be overwhelming at times. Maybe you might find it difficult getting back to them in a timely matter, or you get caught up with other tasks during your busy schedule that responding to their concerns get pushed back. Here at One Firefly, we know how important your customer base is and we want to make sure all of our clients are able to run their business without worrying about losing potential leads.

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Why Your Logo Is Important?

Do you consider it important making a good first impression when meeting new people? If your answer is yes, then it is easy to see how your logo, being the face of the company, must make a good impression every time.

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Just How Effective Are UI University Videos?

Integrator George Borghi Discusses Recent Successes with the UI University Video Library

Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, went live on Facebook with George Borghi, Director of Sales and Marketing for Totally Wired Electric and AV Systems in Westlake Village, CA. Borghi and his team have been using their UI University video libraries to help close sales and support existing customers. His customers have been telling him the training videos were icing on the cake and a primary driver for why they selected Totally Wired as the preferred installing AV contractor.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the key points of the interview, but you can also scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch the full interview!

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Top 8 Reasons Dealers Love UI University

Explore How You Can Use UIU to Your Advantage

When you sell complex, intricate technology like smart home automation systems, there’s no denying that it can be a struggle to showcase the ease of operating the system or the full depth of its capabilities. That was the problem that led us to develop UI University - full libraries of branded, educational videos on specific smart home interfaces like Control4 and Savant.

Below, we break down the main ways that UIU can benefit your company. Read on to see if any of UIU’s advantages are worth exploring in your marketing, sales, and support process.

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UIU Details You've Been Waiting For - Pricing and Process

Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, explains pricing and production process UI University. Please check out the video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Transform the End User Experience - Why We Created UIU

Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, goes into recent survey results and details why we created UI University.  Please check out the video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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